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Customer Care

Orders usually ship the next day. All sales are final, but if you have an issue or a problem with any paint, please contact us for support. Contact us with questions.

"Paint Ready to Pour" is sold by volume. We tend to over-fill our bottles. If certain bottles of paint seem to be less full, it is a result of other bottles being slightly over-filled.

Privacy & Safety

We do not store your credit/debit card information, sell, share or distribute your personal information. All customer information is kept private.

When placing an order, the buyer understands these products are designed, produced and sold as "ready to use" and are intended for personal use. If you alter, add or mix other ingredients to our product, your results may not be consistent.


It is recommended users read the ingredients label and follow commonsense procedures when using Happy Medium products such as simple ventilation, the use of latex or latex-free gloves when painting/pouring, be aware of personal allergies or sensitivities. Keep products out of reach of children and pets. Thoroughly wash hands after use. Happy Medium products should never be ingested or inhaled. If accidental ingestion occurs, please seek medical advice or treatment right away.  

"Happy Medium" and "Paint Ready to Pour" are trademarks and protect as such.

Instructions For Use

"Happy Medium Paint Ready to Pour" ingredients: acrylic paint (conforms with ASTM D4236), pouring medium (paint conditioner), silicone oil, water. The colors: Pure White and Coal Black DO NOT contain silicone.

Paint Ready to Pour is ready to go right out of the bottle. No additional ingredients are required or recommended. Do not add other ingredients to our paints. Everything you need is in the bottle

Please understand, paints may be affected by and react differently under various conditions including but not limited to the following: climate, altitude, temperature, air conditioning, heat, humidity and sunlight. It is normal for results to have some variations depending on the surface used, the preparation of the surface and whether or not your painting surface has been gessoed. Drying times will also be affected by the same conditions. While all Happy Medium paints are generally low odor, some people are more sensitive and may notice a slight odor or smell. These products are not sold as odor free.

Before using Paint Ready to Pour always make sure the cap is securely in place and shake before pouring. Please make sure to replace caps and lids securely after use to maintain shelf life. If Paint Ready to Pour is stored properly with a secure cap, this product will last almost indefinitely. Any acrylic paint that is unused for a long period of time or exposed to heat while in transit or in excessive room temperature may develop a slight "skin" or "film" - this perfectly normal and not uncommon. Simply remove it with the end of an open paperclip, toothpick or pour the paint through a mesh strainer. The quality of the paint is unaffected. 

Payment Methods

 * Credit / Debit Card

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